What is HCL®?

Being able to see is a miracle of evolution. Light satisfies not only visual demands, it always has an emotional and biological impact on humans as well. The right control of light at the right time stimulates us, calms us, improves our performance or affects our decisions, positively or negatively. We need the right light at the right time for our daily activities

How to reply the question of “What is Human Centric Lighting®?” We can say that “By supporting people with the right artificial light at the right time to increase the comfort of life by enabling them to benefit from visual, biological and psychological support of artificial light’.



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Think beyond energy savings: Human Centric Lighting®

In the Human Centric Lighting® concept, it is aimed to use the biological and psychological effects of the light that directs our lives in every sense in the most efficient way. Human Centric Lighting® is the healthiest artificial lighting system that is most suitable for the human body.



What is circadian rhythm?

A biological rhythm of about 24 hours (Latin: ‘circa’ meaning “approximately” and ’dies’ meaning “day”). Light is the most important cue for synchronising circadian rhythms and the most concise of these rhythms is the sleep-wake cycle. During the day, with a natural circadian rhythm, appropriate amounts of dopamine are secreted for pleasure, alertness and muscle coordination; seratonin for impulse control and carbohydrate cravings; and cortisol for stress  response. During the night, melatonin allows for sleep and refreshes our body. Synchronising these rhythms with the natural cycle of day and night is essential for human health.

Human Centric Lighting® is an illumination and light system that is considered to ensure and maintain this order as well as designed to support the circadian rhythm by artificial light.



What is the difference between natural light and artificial light?

Until 200 years ago, 90% of our waking time was spent outside. Now most of us spend 90% of our time indoors with electric lighting. There is a discrepancy between natural and artifical light with regard to intensity, color and dynamics of light.

Natural sun light is dynamic from sunrise to sunset, changing continuously in terms of light color and intensity. However, artifical lighting is fixed by these terms from wake-up to go-to-sleep and that could cause disruption of our circadian rhtyms as well as some health problems. In short, artificial light can directly affect human health, in a negative or positive way.

This is the point where LAMP 83 engineers step in to make LAMP 83 luminaires, in comply with Human Centric Lighting® concept, to be integrated with artificial light management systems and to ensure that artificial light can replicate dynamism of natural daylight.

What are the effects of the light on humans?

Light is the most important timer and triger for our internal clock. We need the right light for our activities at the right place at the right time. So we need light when we’re active and we need darkness when we are sleeping. Light has an effect on our vision, our body, our senses and our emotions in a negative or positive way.

Effects of light on our vision: Sight, safety and orientation

Effects of light on our body: Alertness, cognitive performance and sleep/wake cycle

Effects of light on our emotions: Mood, energize and relaxation





How is Human Centric Lighting® designed?

The concept of structuring and managing to support morale, motivation and especially circadian rhythm by controlling the light obtained from artificial light sources in terms of emission, intensity and color temperature is called Human Centric Lighting®.

While designing Human Centric Lighting® (HCL) systems, the visual, biological and psychological effects of light on people are taken into account and the people's fitness, mood and health are tried to be supported with a 'human oriented' concept.




What could poor artificial lighting cause?

In cases where the health effects of light are not taken into consideration, disruptions in the sleep & wake cycle, poor efficiency, performance and concentration and some mood imbalances may occur. In summary, it is a known fact that increasing the quality of light effects people directly and positively.

What are the benefits of Human Centric Lighting®?

The Human Centric Lighting® concept not only provides right intensity and color temperature of light to facilitate the activities that we need to do visually, but also aims to contribute to factors such as our mood, energy, relaxation or well-being, mental performance as well as sleep & wake cycle.

In the researches published by the European Lighting Association (Lighting Europe), the following benefits were observed in below spaces illuminated by Human Centric Lighting® concept:

In offices & workplaces: Increased productivity & motivation, decreased absent days, mistakes and accidents,


Human Centric Lighting® with LAMP 83

Being the first and trustworthy brand to come to mind when it comes to innovation, technology and efficacy thanks to more than 57 years of experience in the field, LAMP 83, has been manufacturing luminaires which are not only suitable for Human Centric Lighting® concept but also fully in comply with the European Union norms since 2015.

LAMP 83 provides hollistic and reliable lighting solutions to its customers by combining proper lighting projects with advanced automation systems that are controlled by a Casambi application which is based o Bluetooth connection and run on any mobile device.

So far LAMP 83 has delivered excellent customer service and received very positive feedback in the projects that it has completed with Human Centric Lighting® concept, especially in educational institutions and offices.

Looking beyond light savings and energy efficiency, in order to meet Human Centric Lighting® concept and to be deeply informed about its added value as well as differences that you may observe in your projects, please don’t hesitate to contact LAMP 83 Lighting Design Department.



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