Future’s Lighting Technology

Light Technology of the Future: Human-Centric Lighting®

LAMP 83 presents the light of the future today with its Human Centric Lighting® concept. In Lighting Europe’s Stategic Roadmap, the concept of Human Centric Lighting® is predicted to be one of the three most common trends in the lighting industry till the year 2025.

Human Centric Lighting®, which is a concept that values people by thinking beyond energy saving, focuses to maximize our quality of life by using light’s visual, emotional and biological benefits to the maximum.

Human Centric Lighting®, which increases our quality of life thanks to its contributions to the health, mood and performances of people, also allows us to go towards a sustainable future, to reduce our carbon footprint and to build environmentally friendly buildings.

As we started the 2020s, the role of light in our daily life and social life is being redefined.

LAMP 83, which has developed products and systems suitable for the Human Centric Lighting® concept long ago, presents the light of the future today as a result of its usual pioneering and innovative identity.



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