Hardware & Software

Hardware and Software

LAMP 83’s Human Centered Lighting® concept has a management system, which considers the visual lighting, emotional and biological needs of people with its dynamic lighting concept and directly controls the color temperature and intensity of the light according to the season, month, day and time. LAMP 83 products used in Human Centric Lighting® systems; color temperatures could be changed between 2700K and 6500K and light intensity could be dimmed (reduced or increased).


Regarding the products that exist in the LAMP 83’s Human Centric Lighting® system; light color temperatures and light intensities are programmed and applied for the predefined project purpose as to directly follow the natural curve of daylight thanks to an automation system. It could be reprogrammed according to changing and developing needs over time.


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User Friendly System of LAMP 83

It is the most convenient solution to operate the system with a software that allows it to work in a scenario-based manner in accordance with personal and corporate needs and to allow instant intervention according to the user's demand. By ensuring that the system is user friendly, all these different working scenarios could easily be understood and intervened by the users.


The Control of LAMP 83’s Human Centric Lighting Systems is in Your Hand!

LAMP 83 communicates synchronously with each other thanks to Bluetooth based and some other control systems, thus there would be no need for hundreds of meters of cable clutters. LAMP 83’ Human Centric Lighting® system can be controlled from anywhere via a smartphone, tablet or computer with iOS or Android infrastructure.


Thanks to the carefully selected components for the LAMP 83’s Human Centric Lighting® system, all LAMP 83 products can be adjusted with a single touch in terms of light color temperature and light intensity features or they can be used by desired color temperatures and light intensities according to the time zones of the day. LAMP 83 software receives the city, moon and day information directly via GPS and provides the user with the ideal light suitable for the project purpose during the day according to the sunrise and sunset times.


Within Human Centric Lighting® concept, LAMP 83 offers a unique light comfort, functionality and customer experience by the "Proper Lighting" knowledge coming from its roots.


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