Custom-Made Products

LAMP 83 Custom-Made Products for Human Centric Lighting®

As LAMP 83 focuses on the requirements of the architectural projects and the preferences of its customers, it could also design custom-made products and systems suitable for a Human Centric Lighting® system. Such custom-made products that will work in accordance with the concept and project identity must be designed, tested and produced in accordance with many parameters in terms of mechanics, optics and electronics. These products would be ready to be produced after passing through the design and verification process following a meticulous engineering work.


Before starting to work on custom-made products, a consensus should be reached between LAMP 83 and its customer regarding both the engineering work to be done and the costs of creating an engineering prototype product. LAMP 83 completes the necessary work during the mutually agreed period and designs, develops, tests and produces the product that is tailored for the customer. Thus, unique and specific purpose & project-serving systems designed for LAMP 83 customers are created in comply with the Human Centric Lighting® concept.


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