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Best Way to Increase Efficiency in Factories and Production Areas: Human Centric Lighting®

The concept of "right lighting at the right time" aims at illuminating the environment in a way that visually facilitates daily activities of people working throughout the day. In addition to helping visual tasks in factories and production areas, Human Centric Lighting® not only affects employees' mood, fitness and motivation, but also allows employees to work happier and more efficiently. In the researches made by the European Lighting Association, it is observed that the productivity could be increased by up to %7 thanks to higher concentration and more motivation in the production environments where blue collar personnel work. Thus, Human Centric Lighting® affects the mood of employees in these areas positively, increasing productivity and enabling a win-win situation where the investment in the system is returned within a short time.


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How to Illuminate Different Departments in Industrial Plants?

In an industrial facility, the characteristics of the lighting needed in each of the areas such as office, resting rooms, dining hall, warehouse, precision workmanship, paint, assembly, packaging and shipment are all different. Illumination of such a facility in an uniformed way does not give optimum results in terms of performing both the visual tasks requested from the departments and energy efficiency.

Light supports the employees in their work throughout the day. Visual, emotional and biological effects of light should be taken into consideration in the modern working environment in factories. Modern lighting concepts designed according to the places of use and the usage / function characteristics of these spaces allow more efficient work, increase concentration, reduce errors and work accidentsand provide the most appropriate light and environment for employees to perform their visual work. To create optimum working conditions, it is necessary to make sure that the minimum level of brightness required by the work is achieved. For example, in the offices and work areas where white-collar employees spend most of their days, Human Centric Lighting® enables them to work under the healthiest state of light with its dynamic light concept and positively affects the motivation, efficiency and mood of the staff. With the same application, it enables the personnel working in industrial areas to benefit from the same comfort and efficiency.

For a More Enjoyable Working Environment: Human Centric Lighting®

It is very important to design the light in a way that will delight and make those working in industrial areas relax during break times. Although it is generally recommended to spend break times outside the building and in open areas, in situations where outdoor use is not possible an atmosphere similar to daylight can be created to make the indoor areas as pleasant as outdoor areas with Human Centric Lighting®. This makes reading or playing games almost as pleasant as if we’re on the outside.

The optimum level of production and efficiency in factories often depends on how much employees are willing to perform. Human Centric Lighting® increases motivation, helps maintain health, reduces fatigue and the risk of accidents at work. In addition, a planning can be made in a wide production area according to the light requirements required by different application areas.

Greater Productivity in Shift Systems with the Proper Light

Particularly, it is beneficial for factories working in shifts to plan & apply different lighting concepts for different working times (day, evening, night) in terms of employee performance. When exposed to a blue-rich light during the day, people become more alert and productive, which also applies to night shifts. In addition, disruption of melatonin balance at night can bring some sleep problems.

In factories and industrial facilities, it can be observed that the efficiency of daily  operations and the quality of sleep at night can be improved by using Human Centric Lighting® systems that are psychologically and biologically effective. However, it should be known that the increase in focus improves safety in working, decreases production errors and increases the motivation of employees.


Increase Night Shift Efficiency with Human Centric Lighting®

While about 15 percent of the employees in the production facilities work regularly at night, this rate occasionally rises up to 25 percent in some business lines. It is not easy to provide the right lighting at the right time for these groups. This is particularly difficult in shift work systems and industrial areas where teams work in three shifts a day with periodic changes. Such a rotation significantly disrupts the circadian rhythm and despite all the special lighting work done, it is almost impossible to adjust the biological clock of the workers to the exact working time. However, with Human Centric Lighting®, the circadian rhythm can be shifted about two to three hours a day. Cool white lighting, similar to daylight during the night shift, can cause disruptions in the daytime rhythm of the body. For this reason, scientists recommend synchronizing the circadian rhythm system as closely as possible to the natural day-night rhythm, even when working in rotary shifts. In order to live in harmony with the natural day-night rhythm, shift workers should work in environments equipped with light containing high blue tones during the day and on the contrary low blue tones at night. On the other hand, a good sight should be provided with sufficient brightness during the night shift and not to causethe feeling of fatigue of the employees. It also reduces the risk for work accidents and increases efficiency.

Light colors and bright levels that activate people throughout the day can cause the day-night rhythm to deteriorate when used at night. On the contrary, lighting scenarios suitable for evening or night shifts are also generally not suitable for daytime use. For this reason, using light management systems that enable switching between day and night lighting is always beneficial in order to increase efficiency in the business. The name of the game is Human Centric Lighting®.

What to Expect from a Well Illuminated Factory?

The benefits expected from the lighting system in modern industrial plants, where lighting is accepted as an essential part of the production systematic, can be listed as follows:

  • Increasing work quality related with visual tasks,
  • Reduction of work accidents and production errors,
  • Improved ergonomics and mood of employees,
  • Increased concentration and motivation of employees
  • Higher productivity of employees working in the night shift thanks to right light,
  • Possibility to set lighting closest to natural light according to the day and time,
  • Possibility to set lighting according to the needs of users and departments,
  • More flexible arrangement of workspaces in workplaces,
  • Ensuring energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting systems

It is possible to get all these benefits and more by using Human Centric Lighting® in factories and production facilities.

Benefits that an be provided in Industrial Facilities with Human Centric Lighting®

  • Increased productivity thanks to increased efficiency and energy of the employees,
  • Reduced errors and work accidents thanks to more focussing,
  • Decrease in number of sickness related absent days,  thanks to the right light,
  • With increased motivation, duration of working of the staff gets longer,
  • Decreased overall healthcare expenditures due to healthier employees


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