Experience the Healthiest Form of Light in Your Home, too: Human Centric Lighting®

When we leave the daily hustle and bustle of life and come home, our dream is to spend a peaceful and relaxing evening. Apart from a good dinner and comfortable seats, we need another very important factor: the proper light. In order to have a comfortable time and relaxation in our home, we must have the right light at the right time.

A lighting system that responds to our needs correctly while eating, reading something, watching TV, working or sleeping, improves our quality of life. Knowing that we need different lighting for different rooms and spaces where all these activities are performed and applying these needs within a holistic lighting concept, not only contributes to our health and life quality, but also improves our comfort.


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Different Lighting for Different Places in the Home

For example, in our bedroom, we have various needs such as reading a book before sleeping, sleeping peacefully and uninterruptedly with a properly working circadian rhythm, easily waking up in the morning and correctly perceiving the colors of the clothes while wearing. We use our bathrooms to care and refresh ourselves at any time of the day. We prepare meals in the kitchen, have breakfast quickly in the morning and in the evening we want a longer and more enjoyable dinner. The kitchens also host enjoyable activities such as reading something from time to time or chatting with family members. Moreover, generally as a family we come together in our living room or lounge to have a pleasant time, watch television, read something, play games with our children and occasionally use a computer or tablet to have a look at what’s going on in terms of work and social media. In short, the purposes and times of use of each part of our house are completely different. For this reason, providing illumination with the same constant artificial light in every place is not correct for your circadian rhythm and hence your health.

Increase Your Quality of Life with Human Centric Lighting®.

Since all these daily and routine activities are directly affected by the color temperature and intensity of the light we are exposed to, Human Centric Lighting® takes our quality of life to the next level and supports us in our living spaces.

We usually wake up every morning at the same time every weekday. But most of the time, our sleep phase ends with the help of an external factor such as an alarm, without sleeping long enough considering our own natural body rhythm. In a bedroom with the Human Centric Lighting® concept, lighting helps gradual waking up and start the day with the gradual increase in the amount of light, while the light plays the role of alarm and regulates our individual sleep rhythm & waking time.

The use of a bright light at breakfast, which is at the same level as daylight (including same amount of blue tones) can activate our body and enables us to start the day faster. Thus, we can start the day with a delicious breakfast and in a pleasant atmosphere.

Switching to a warmer colored light with a calming effect towards the end of a challenging day indicates that daily activities are over and it is time to rest. Illumination level at home should be in a level where we can clearly see as well as comfortable. Now, relaxation is our first priority.

In general, the use of light in warm colors in our homes offers us an atmosphere of both joy and comfort. A dynamic lighting system established in our living spaces with the Human Centric Lighting® concept helps us to improve both our mood and body rhythm by meeting our body's need for ideal and natural light.

Human Centric Lighting® in Other Living Areas

Human Centric Lighting® makes a difference not only in homes but also in other areas such as hospitals, offices, retail spaces, hotels, restaurants and retirement homes. In the researches conducted,  thanks to the Human Centric Lighting®, lesser accidents like falls or negative situations such as depression and dementia in elderly nursing homes are observed; it is also seen that people rest in a better way in hotels  and spend longer time in the restaurants as they have warm atmosphere.

What to Expect from a Well Illuminated Living Area? (residential, nursing home, hotel, etc.)

In a modern living spaces, where lighting is designed to support people's circadian rhythm, the benefits expected from the lighting system, can be listed as follows:

  • The right light at the right time, facilitating processes such as sleeping, waking, reading, listening to,
  • Lighting scenarios that can mobilize or relax residents when needed by using the psychological and biological effects of light,
  • Lighting that is designed according to purpose of the place

Benefits that can be Provided in Eldery Nursing Homes with Human Centric Lighting®

  • Reduced accidents due to increased fitness of residents and staff in nursing homes,
  • Increased efficiency with the elders and their relatives preferring these facilities more,
  • Decreased overall healthcare expenditures due to healthier residents & employees
  • With increased motivation, duration of working of the staff gets longer,


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