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The Healthiest Light for the Health Facilities: Human Centric Lighting®

In the hospitals and health institutions that we go to heal, to get well or to work; light makes very important differences due to its psychological and biological effects.

In general, the circadian rhythm, which we can define as the biological clock of our body, controls our sleep-wake state for 24 hours. It is very important for our health to be able to synchronize this rhythm with the natural cycle of day and night, light and darkness. Light is the most important trigger that synchronizes circadian rhythms and enables our body to work most efficiently.


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To Run Your Biological Clock Correctly: Human Centric Lighting®

The third photoreceptor, other than the cone and rod in our eyes, was not discovered until the early 2000s. After this photoreceptor is triggered by light, it controls the biological clock in our body and transmits all effects of light and darkness to our body. Dynamic changes in the color temperature and illumination levels of light directly affect our body throughout the day. These effects are; sleep-wake cycle, changes in our fitness level, changes in our biological performance and mood. Human Centered Lighting® actively supports our circadian rhythm and positively affects our fitness level, mood and health.

During the day, with a natural circadian rhythm, appropriate amounts of dopamine are secreted for pleasure, alertness and muscle coordination; seratonin for impulse control and carbohydrate cravings; and cortisol for stress  response. During the night, melatonin allows for sleep and refreshes our body.

The Most Suitable Lighting for Hospitals

It has been observed thanks to Human Centric Lighting® concept, which aims to support people's well-being, mood and health, patients feel better in terms of their circadien rhythms, their treatment time is shortened and the efficiency of the drugs are increased. With the Human Centric Lighting®, natural brightness level and light color changes throughout the day are applied at night, thus health personnel working with shifts are provided a chance to work more awaken, more energetic and with higher motivation. Therefore, the newest and technological solution for health institutions and hospitals, whose main goal is to take care of people and to improve their quality of life, is the Human Centric Lighting® system.

What to Expect from a Well Illuminated Health Facility or Hospital?

In a modern health facilities where the effects of illumination on the human body are taken into account, the expected benefits from the illumination system can be listed as follows:

  • A low-glare light that will not exhaust patients' eyes in patient rooms
  • High brightness levels required by sensitive operations to be carried out in places such as examination rooms and operating rooms
  • Right color and intensity of light to facilitate processes such as recovery and rest
  • Lighting scenarios to support patients' circadian rhythms by using the psychological and biological effects of light

Benefits of Human Centric Lighting® for Health Facilities

  • Increased capacitiy utilisation as patients feel better and are discharged earlier,
  • Lower costs due to shorter treatment times,
  • Reduced treatment costs due to the increased effectiveness of medicines,
  • Thanks to healthier and more motivated staff, the number of absent days due to being sick is decreased,
  • Decreased accidents due to increased fitness of patients and staff
  • With increased motivation, duration of working of the staff gets longer
  • Decreased overall healthcare expenditures due to healthier employees


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