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Focus on Students with Human Centric Lighting® in Schools and Educational Institutions

The well education of our children and young people, who are our future, is one of the most important goals of both our parents and our society. In order to provide them a good education, not only good schools and good teachers are needed, but the classes and places where the lectures are given must be properly designed. By this mean, the most correct answer to the question "How should lighting be in schools and educational institutions?" is undisputedly Human Centric Lighting®.


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Make a Difference in Education with the Proper Lighting

Every person studying or given lecture needs the proper light to support and improve the results of learning. The proper light is not just ensuring the level of brightness required to easily do activities such as reading, writing or easily seeing what is shown on the board. Students do not just sit in their desks; they make presentations, communicate with each other and their teachers, discuss ideas, take exams, need rest and fun. Therefore, by using the psychological and biological effects of light, it is possible to make a difference in the behavior and success curves of students in schools and educational institutions with the Human Centric Lighting® concept, which can affect students' perceptions, moods and performances positively.

How to Increase the Performance of Students in Early Starting Lectures?

In schools, classes usually start at 08:00 every season. This time is very early considering the circadian rhythm and biological clock of many students. Moreover, this start time is not changed according to seasonal periods or sunrise time. Children have to wake up much earlier to have breakfast, dress up and get to school. Especially in the winter, students are awakened when the sun has not risen yet. Therefore, generally many students are still half asleep during the first lectures in the morning. This situation, which negatively affects the learning process, is experienced much more prominently, especially in the winter months when the daylight is limited. On the other hand, since teenage students are generally awake and vigorous until late in the evening, they have difficulty getting up in the morning and following the lectures. Such students who have some kind of “social jetlag” have less motivation to learn in the morning. With the Human Centric Lighting®, it is possible to accelerate awakening phase in the morning and ease up their perception, in other words, to reduce all these negative effects and to increase the alertness in the lessons.

Dynamic Light Means Dynamic Students

Students are constantly facing different learning situations throughout the day. The better the light is adjusted in schools and educational institutions according to these different learning situations, the better the students can receive, process and store the information provided. Unfortunately, in most of the schools and educational institutions in our country, students are still educated under a standard fluorescent lamp light, with low brightness levels and lighting systems that do not contribute to the learning processes in general and even adversely affect students' performance.

A suitable, dynamic and accurate light color and intensity created with the Human Centric Lighting® concept can be used as a tool to support education and learning. Thus, the concentration and motivation of the educated students increase their focusing times and their learning processes are improved by providing them with the right light at the right time. In short, the learning and perception environment in the school and education institution, illuminated by the Human Centric Lighting® concept, is the ideal environment for students.

What to Expect from a Well Illuminated School or Educational Institution?

In a modern schools where illumination is considered as an essential part of the education system, the benefits expected from the illumination system can be listed as follows:

  • The correct light color and intensity that facilitates processes such as studying, reading, writing and listening.
  • Lighting scenarios that can change according to the purpose, which could activate students, increase their motivation and prolong their concentrations by using the psychological and biological effects of light.
  • Glare-free lighting suitable for interactive tasks with new generation devices such as tablets and smart boards,
  • The minimum glare and suitable light beam angle for flexible desk or row arrangement,
  • The possibility of a scenario that draws attention to the presentations made by the students,
  • The proper light to provide the same and ideal learning environment at any time of the year and at any time of the day,
  • Scenarios that can be adjusted according to the students' individual or group work.

Possible Benefits of Human Centric Lighting® in Schools or Educational Institutions with

  • Improved understanding of the topics and reading comprehension,
  • Reduction in health and education costs due to lack of attention and hyperactivity effects,
  • Easier adaptation to the lectures in the morning,
  • Longer and more intense concentration,
  • Reduced feeling of tiredness during the day, easier relief during breaks and lunch breaks,
  • With increased motivation, duration of working of the staff gets longer

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