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Unique Customer Experience with Human Centric Lighting®

Since online shopping becoming more and more popular, it has become more important than ever for chain retail stores to create a different customer experience and provide value-added & effective experiences in technological areas that are originally designed to be much smaller. Thanks to its dynamism, light intensity and color features, the Human Centric Lighting® concept enables these technological areas to be used longer by customers, to effect their purchasing decisions in a more positive and quicker manner and to make them  spend longer & enjoyable time in such areas. Thus, as the stores are fill up with happier customers, they earn more revenue.

With the introduction of Human Centric Lighting® into our lives, a new visual fiction - perception has begun to be provided between the illuminated products and the perception of people, since color temperature and light intensity can be controlled accurately in a synchronous and dynamic mode. Thus, light began to create added value for retail stores not only in terms of visual perception or energy efficiency, but also with its biological and psychological impact on people.

To illuminate a store properly, on one hand there is a need for intense light to illuminate the product, which is desired to draw attention, on the other visual comfort of the customers should not be compromised. It is possible to affect customer behavior positively by including the Human Centric Lighting® concept to meet these two needs at the same time, which are technically opposite to each other.


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Increase Your Sales with the Right Light and Human Centric Lighting® Concept

Following implementation of Human Centric Lighting® technology in an Edeka supermarket in Down Saxony Region  of Germany, total sales were increased by 12% compared to another supermarket owned by the same brand. An increase of 28% in the sales of clothes in the market, 26% in vegetable and fruit sales and 23% in packaged food sales were observed. In the study carried out for 10 months, it was seen that the time spent by the customers in the store increased by 21% on average and 35% decrease in the number of days when the staff was absent by getting sick. All these rates show that the investment in Human Centric Lighting® technology in a retail store can amortize itself in a very short time with increasing sales.

Activate Your Customers and Staff

A market illuminated with the Human Centric Lighting® concept starts the day with 4000K light color temperature and an average of 700 lux brightness levels in the morning, continues with the 5000K light color temperature which is cooler in the mid-day & afternoon and 1000 lux brightness with more light levels. Towards evening, it returns to the warmer 3000K color temperature and a lower brightness of 600 lux.

Since these changes made at the light color temperature and brightness level are very slow, it does not have any disturbing effect on the customers inside the store just like the change of sunlight. However, thanks to the Human Centric Lighting® system, the light color temperature and level are configured in the most harmonious way with the natural light according to the calendar month and day and the correct lighting in retail areas is applied.

Thanks to this exclusive technology, the active perceptions of targeted customers and employees working in these areas are gets stronger, their sleepiness decreases and they are more rested and comfortable even towards the end of the day.


Reach Your Customers at the Right Time with the Right Light

As a result of the surveys conducted in the subject market area; 35% of customers prefer the market illuminated by the Human Centric Lighting® concept due to its 'more natural feeling' atmosphere, although they have to cover 5 kilometers more comparing to other market that is illuminated with regular LED products. Customers said that they preferred to the market where the HCL concept was applied.

Moreover, again for this market, which is better suited to natural sunlight thanks to Human Centric Lighting®, 17% more customer satisfaction was observed compared to the regularly illuminated market, in addition to the increase in interest and sales in the departments. It was also measured that the days when the market employees were absent decreased by 35% compared to the employees in the other market because of their corrected sleep patterns, which they also said ‘felt more comfortable’.

What to Expect from a Well Illuminated Retail?

The benefits expected from the lighting system in modern retail spaces, where the positive perception created in the properly illuminated retail areas is considered as a fundamental part of the business model,  can be listed as follows:

  • The showcase and the entrance of the store get attraction when they are looked at from the outside,
  • The products displayed in the storefront or in the store and the wall visuals are separated from the general lighting of the store,
  • Correct perception of the colors and textures of the products sold thanks to high color rendering (CRI),
  • Homogeneous and equivalent illumination of the display products on the shelves,
  • Glare-free illumination,
  • Soft, warm and glare-free illumination over the cashiers,
  • A controllable and manageable light system,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Data collection, data processing and bidirectional communication systems designed in integration with light technology,
  • Help to find products (referral), provide information about the product and manage campaign communication.

Benefits of Human Centric Lighting® for Retail Stores

  • Average 12% increase in sales thanks to improved customer experience

  • 21% increase in the average time customers spend in the store

  • Improved customer perception by illuminating products closer to natural light,

  • Extended the positive effect of daylight, especially in winter, increases customer satisfaction by 17%,

  • 35% reduction in the number of absent days of the staff due to the proper light and illumination.


*According to the results of research and surveys conducted for 10 months between the two markets of German Supermarket chain Edeka in down Saxony Region that are illuminated with normal LED lighting and Human Centric Lighting®.

Lead the Competition by Human Centric Lighting®

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